Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meredith gets the first interview

The Today show has made a $1 million deal with Paris Hilton to get the first interview when she is sprung from jail. Paris said she did not want to meet with Matt Lauer because he had made some comments about Paris' situation that she did not care for. Meredith Vieira will be the one in the hot seat interviewing the infamous heiress.

Does Kelly eat or puke?

Kelly Clarkson says she loves food way to much to have an eating disorder, but admitted to being bulimic when she was in high school. One of her friends caught on to her problem and Kelly quit her disorder cold turkey. If you are gonna eat what is the point of throwing it up it is so gross and I imagine it must start to hurt after a while. Kelly might as well have not eaten anything or taken after many other young female celebs and went on the "liquid diet."

TomKat twins

TomKat are starting to become twins. Katie decided to get a shag haircut just like her adorable hubby has. I am sure Tom put her up to the idea so he could constantly look at a female version of himself. The whole idea seems a little too disturbing but I guess if it works for them who am I to question it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jessica and Dane spoof Yoko Ono and John Lennon

Dane Cook and Jessica Alba are promoting their upcoming film Good luck chuck and decided to create their poster with a knock off of the infamous Rolling Stone cover that featured Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Their poster will definitely make a statement all around the world.

Is Britney back to her old ways?

Britney was spotted at West Hollywood hot spot Lola's kicking back with a few cocktails. Britney denied having a drinking problem and was seen throwing back a few just 90 days after leaving rehab. Britney might as well go to hot spot rehab and get drunk there at least that way she can say she truly enjoyed her time in rehab.

Jessica Biel gets what she wants, and was pronounced to be extremely hot! Jessica has it all she has Justin Timberlake, the perfect body, and a few coveted upcoming film roles. With all she has going on everything about her is extremely hot.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No more plastic bags

There is cotton environmentally friendly bag that comes out today from Anya Hindmarch. The bag costs $15 and is called “I’m Not a Plastic Bag.” There are many celebrities carrying this bag in an effort to get rid of the use of plastic bags in all stores. This bag has a waiting list with more than 90,000 people on it. This bag was originally sold in UK supermarkets but now it will be available at a Whole Foods market near you.

The new party couples

TomKat and London's most beautiful couple partied until 7:30 in the morning to celebrate Real Madrid winning the Spanish title. This was a big moment for Becks because it was his last game playing for the Real Madrid, his next stop is playing for LA galaxy while Posh and Becks settle into their new digs in Beverly Hills.

The new possible host of The Price is Right

Rosie may be close to being the replacement for the infamous Bob Barker. The loud mouthed and opinionated ex talk show host has a meeting with the game shows producers later this week to determine whether or not they think she should be eligible for the job.

It's "time to make the donuts"

Naomi Campbell is the new spokeswoman for Dunkin' Donuts
. Naomi filmed a commercial yesterday for the infamous donut and coffee chain in order to boost her reputation after throwing a cell phone at her maid and being sentenced to community service, I guess it is Naomi's time to make the donuts!

Paris' jail mail

The only way Paris is getting through her sentence is by reading all the mail that fans and friends have been sending her. The "not so dumb" Paris enjoys reading her junk mail more than one of the books that are on the reading cart. Whatever gets you through the day Paris!

Monday, June 18, 2007

What a day!

7:00 am- Uff! What a day, what a day. I don't even know where to begin, I guess I will start by getting woken up at 7am and having my mom ask me if I will go to Trenton, NJ with her. As you may imagine I thought it was a dream because it just seemed like such a random request.

8:00 am-
I went back to sleep and had my mom come in once again and wake me up out of my sweet slumber asking me to go to Trenton, NJ with her. I realized that her request from an hour before was not a dream; I just did not realize she was really talking to me. At first I was so confused and told her I did not want to go, but then she came back again twenty minutes later.

8:30 am
- I finally decided that I had to get up and go because other wise she would keep coming in and ask me the same thing at least two more times.

8:40 am-
I finally got up and went in her room and asked her why she wanted me to go to Trenton so badly, she finally told me it was time for her to hand in her pension documents so she could retire and have everything settled. I was so happy for her, the long process of figuring out a pension plan would finally be over and she would be able to enjoy her last two months of work with no stress. My mother has been working for the state for almost 26 years and now that her time is coming to an end she could not be happier. I was honored that she wanted to share this experience with me but I did not realize exactly what it would entail.

9:15 am- Once I finally got out of my morning funk my mother and I had already gotten into a little tiff, I will admit that it was my fault because I was a little cranky, (Mom when you read this I apologize!) I tried to be in a good mood so she could enjoy her day and then I realized how far Trenton actually is. I had been there a few times before but that was between the ages of 8-13 for school field trips.

10:45 am- It took us about an hour and a half to get there, luckily I got full reign over the radio. Once we finally got there I will just say parking was somewhat of an issue, we finally decided to park in a garage that was fairly close to where we had to go. Once we got into the pensions office we had to wait for about forty minutes until my mom could go in and file her paper work with one of the pension officers.

11:45 am- Once my mom actually got called to go in I realized that I would not be able to go into the office with her, once again I was sitting in the reception area waiting . The magazine selection was not even close to par, most of the magazines the office had were either about the military, pension plans, retirement plans, or UsWeekly from December 2006. There was left for me to do but sit and wait.

12:00 pm-
I decided instead of sitting in the same spot for the next hour or so I would explore the building a little bit. To my surprise I found a small cafe so I decided to get a cup of coffee. The first sip of coffee I took burned the s**t out of my mouth and then I sat down with the steaming hot cup and of course spilled some on myself. I thought my morning could not get any worse but trust me I was wrong.

12:20 pm- I went back into the office and was patiently sitting and waiting for my mom to come out of that a sense of relief and a huge smile on her face but unfortunately as I was waiting the office started to get full.

12:45 pm ( it just gets better and better!) - Much to my dismay a large and not so lovely smelling man decided to sit next to me. I could not move because there were no seats left and I did not want to walk out of the office because I just thought that would be way to rude. If you think that is bad the kicker of it all was the man sitting next to me found a buddy that he had met in JAIL!! I promise you I am not making any of this up. The two men started talking and I was just stuck next to him and the other guy listening to them share war stories of things that had happened during their “sentence” and whom they thought might be dead or alive at this time. I was sitting there and freaking out!

1:15 pm- I have never been so happy to see my mother in my life. I jumped out of that chair and waited for her to make her way down the little hallway. I thought she would be the one with the huge sense of relief but the tables had turned and I was the one who was so happy to get out of that office!

1:30 pm- We were finally able to get out of the office, but we were so frazzled when we got out that we forgot where we had parked. We walked around in a circle and then realized we parked on a completely different street. Once we finally got in the car it was so hot and I started to really reek of coffee from the little spill I had earlier in the day. I just could not wait to get home!

1:40 pm- My mom decided that she wanted to try a different way home, for all of you out there that may know anything about my mom she is the queen of trying to find shortcuts. My mom decided that she wanted to try to take a new way home so of course I did not want to argue with her and spoil her elated mood, unfortunately it turned out we were going the wrong way and ended up in a construction zone. I honestly thought we were never going to make it home, it was only a quarter to 2 but it seemed like it was 8:00.

2:00- Thank god we are finally on the highway and on our way home, well at least that is what I thought . My mom decided that she wanted to celebrate her big day with a late lunch, I was not about to complain after all it was her day. We were driving and driving looking for a place to eat and of course we could not settle on a destination, until I saw my haven; On the Border is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants so I somehow convinced my mom she would love it, (which she did by the way.) We went in and I had never been so happy to eat a nice and comforting meal, I am sure my mom felt the same way.

We are going home!!!!!

4:15- I have to say today was an extremely interesting experience and I am happy for my mother but I promise all of you out there, I will never step foot into that office again. I might be exaggerating a little bit, but I really don't think so. If any of you think you had a horrible day I hope my experience will make you laugh a little bit.